Monday, February 19, 2007

i left my house today


I met my friend Leo for drinks at this new bar up the street from my house called Tiga. (By "new" I mean "not quite a year old," but whatever.) Unfortunately, because I *finally* caught a mild version of the nasty cold that's cycling through my community, "drinks" meant one hot toddy. And because I forgot to tell the guy a *rum* hot toddy, I had to drink whiskey which I don't like so much.

And while I'm complaining, my hot toddy was inexplicably served in one of those squatty cognac type glasses, like a low-hanging wine goblet, a brandy snifter, I don't know the names of bar glasses, but it wasn't the kind with a handle and it was almost impossible to pick up hot. I had to wait till the thing cooled down considerably before I could even touch it and then... know what I realized? It was all sticky from honey! If the atmosphere hadn't been so sweet otherwise, I would've been really annoyed.

I could have *also* been really annoyed when this guy fell on me while I waited to be waited on. Falling people crashing into bystanders is something I would expect late Friday night at Billy Rays when it's slam-packed and loud and everybody's trashed. But people crashing into bystanders in a quiet, nearly empty bar early on a Monday night is not something I expected. It was so weirdly smooth, I thought it might be Leo sort of jumping on me from behind. I turned around to check it out and the guy had the nerve to give me attitude! He said "I'm sorry, I tripped," but he said it with a *tone* -- a tone that said "don't look at me like that, lady, I tripped, give me a break."

And then, you know, I could've been *really* annoyed by Leo who called me on my cell (which I almost didn't even bring) when I was one block away from the bar (walking, up hill, from my house, panting b/c I'd been walking fast, thinking I was late) to tell me she'd be about fifteen minutes late b/c she wanted to eat a bowl of soup. Goddamn that Leo, she's late almost every time we hang out and it always starts our time with me feeling pissy and her feeling like "why are you pissy? what's your problem?" Augh.

But it wasn't that bad this time. For some reason, I just didn't get very annoyed about any of that stuff. I noticed it, but it just passed on by. You know why? Because all I care about is law. The Stockholm Syndrome is fully solidified. Nothing really matters out in the world besides the rule against perpetuties and equitable servitudes and defeasible fees and contingent remainders -- in other words, the property law I spent all day studying. I'm just not that interested in anything else at the moment. I can't even get properly annoyed at things. It's really something.

Now I'm going to go to bed and try and sleep off the rest of this cold. Maybe I'll dream (again) that I'm still going over my outlines. Something exciting to look forward to. Seven days left, people! Seven short days and I'm free! But will I miss it when it's over...?


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