Monday, January 16, 2006

the briefest of mog updates

I had a little chat with Big A last night, hoping to get some insight into Mog's mysterious brain. Not much luck. After exchanging stories on "what went down" (ie: the Mog-dump) no new light had been shed. Big A could only roll her eyes and say that Mog is really neurotic and also pretty depressed lately. I floated my only idea for reconciliation, the best policy in most situations: honesty. I said "I want to just call her and tell her that I care about her and that I want to stay in her life in some way." Big A said, "No. Absolutely not. You can't be honest with her, it will stress her out." Honesty will stress her out?

So this is where I draw the line with Mog. If you can't handle honesty, you are not worth the trouble of lying to. Sorry Mog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh Mog-less one, there you go asking about my guitar playing and there you are doing it yourself.
yeah... now I get it... got to ask back what gets asked forward

great to read you again
touching beyond belief
tear-worthy (REALLY)

enjoy the day

9:56 AM  

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