Monday, January 23, 2006

it's difinitive: mog sucks

But I don't care anymore.

If you'll think back to last week, I announced that Mog had reared her head. In truth, I opened the door and dragged her back into the light by emailing and inviting her for a drink. Mog didn't know it, but in my mind, it was her last chance to redeem herself. If she bailed, flaked, or otherwise disappointed, I planned to wash my hands of her once and for all.

Well she started out surprisingly strong. She agreed to get a drink and engaged in the back-and-forth messaging necessary to set a time and place, which is saying alot for Mog's attention span and follow-through. We were supposed to meet tonight at eight at the Crowbar, a joint in North Portland near K's house.

Last night, after a long and lovely day hanging with S.K. then studying then watching the L word in a smoky, stinky bar, I checked my email and found a message from S.K. and a message from Mog. I looked back and forth between them and resisted the urge to check S.K.'s first because I secretly (ok, not so secretly) hoped Mog would be writing to cancel so I could hang out with S.K. tonight instead.

And she did.

She said something about being very busy and hoping I'm well and she promised to call when she has less on her plate. Right. Frankly, I just glanced at it, such was my haste to open S.K.'s message and say "Yay, Mog cancelled. Hang out with me tomorrow." Funny.

So, my hands are washed of Mog. I wrote her a message this morning designed to effect closure for me. Not sure what Mog will think of it. She'll probably think I'm nuts and that I over-think things. Maybe I do. Can't help it. I thanked her for the space she occupied in my life and acknowledged that I maintained expectations even after she tried to tell me not to. I wished her well and maybe obnoxiously "relieved" her of any obligation to try and make a plan to hang out with me. I doubt she'll write me back and, in case I happen to see her around, I think she'll probably avoid me. Just the feeling I get. Oh well.

K is having a graduation party next weekend with Mog's whole circle of friends and I'm invited. We'll see if Mog shows up. I'll keep everyone updated, I know you're all on the edge of your seats watching this ridiculous drama.


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