Wednesday, June 14, 2006

all the weird shit happens at 11:59

Just as I'm ready to leave work and head out for my bus some drunk guy comes in and messes everything up. First of all, the on-caller at the door buzzes him in, thinking he belongs here. He doesn't. Second, he's drunk and feeling very entitled. He argued with us when we explained that we are not a hotel, even though our sign still says we are. Drunk people with entitlement issues tend to think we're lying when we explain that it's a historic building and we leave "hotel" on the sign for that reason. Trust me, drunk people. We're not lying.

Then he wanted a bathroom. I know, we seem like monsters, but we are private housing with vulnerable clientelle and we do not let drunk jerks in off the street to use the bathroom. Sorry. That made him even more mad. We finally convinced him to walk back out the door, but then he just stood there on the other side of the glass staring in at us and telling us how illegal we are. Um. No. Whatever.

So I called the cops on him. Sorry dude, but you can't just stand there in our doorway scaring our clients and keeping me hostage. Now I have to walk to my bus in a few minutes and hopefully the cops will have come by then so he doesn't stalk me all the way to the bus-stop. I think I can take him, but I'd rather not have to, you know what I mean?


Blogger qaiz said...

wow.. yeah, very sad.. I had a similar incident just yesterday.. I was at a fast-food place and a guy with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a cigarette in another just walked in and started smoking.. the manager asked him to leave, and so he asked for an item on the menu.. then he asked me to pay for it.. then he took one bite from it and threw it in the trash.. and finally he left..

I'm just sad that people allow themselves to be in that situation.. I wish i could help in some way, but maybe "help" isn't what they need? - i wonder what they need..?....

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