Friday, June 09, 2006

opening up all around

It's nice to see Blogger is done sucking. Every time I've tried to post the past few days, the service has either been interminably slow or completely malfunctioning. Keeping my fingers crossed as I work on this post, hoping it will still be working when I'm done.

Yesterday I had my first therapy appointment with a real, live, high-priced, Process Work therapist. It was pretty good. I was on fire, really, with all the things I wanted to say and she didn't have too much work to do at first. Then it got trickier and she really came through. So... that was pretty good.

And later, SK gave me an accupuncture treatment. Among all the other incredible things SK is and can do, she's an accupuncturist. A few weeks ago, she was stimulating my liver channel (by pressing the living shit out of some points on my foot) and accidentally unleashed a chi-monster that has been making my right eye twitch ever since. So I asked her please to do something to try and stop the eye-twitching before I go completely mad.

So she pressed those points on my foot again for a bit and then she said, somewhat nonchalantly, "Shall I put a needle in, just so you'll know how it feels?" I immediately drew my foot up and hid it under my other leg while she rummaged around for a pack of needles. I've always considered acupuncture a viable treatment option and one that I would eventually explore, but the thought, suddenly, of having a needle stuck into the tender skin on the top of my foot was pretty unpleasant.

SK cajoled and I relented and pretty soon I found myself impaled on five, spindly little needles: one in each foot, one on each hand and one between my eyes. I lay there like a star-fish, pinned to a corkboard, for ten minutes and felt subtle and sometimes painful things happening to my body. It was really incredible -- these tiny needles, which I could barely feel as pricks to the skin, were causing deep, massive, painful sensations in my hands and feet, as though heavy rocks had been laid on each limb. SK assured me that was good, it was a sign that my massively stuck chi was actually moving. I took her word for it and concentrated on relaxing my body, which was tight as a spring.

By the end of ten minutes, I was a lot more peaceful and I was even feeling a bit euphoric -- a sensation emanating from the needle in my forhead. It was pretty amazing. After she took the needles out, I still felt like iron rods had been driven through my hands and feet. That feeling slowly changed to the feeling of being bruised. Now, twelve hours later, all that remains is a thick lump of very, very tight, painful muscle between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand, the hand which had had the biggest sensation last night.

But you wanna know something interesting? Lately, when I've been using the neti-pot each morning (thanks again, Joolie) it has been taking FOREVER for the water to run through. It just drip-drip-drips out so slow and sometimes just stops completely! But this morning, it poured through like a charm, faster and smoother than ever before. So I reckon some chi got moved around in my head last night, and that's awesome.


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