Wednesday, November 08, 2006

eyes peeled

It is after 1am and I'm finally going to tear myself away from the election results to go to bed. I will wake up and learn the good, bad, or ridiculous news. (Ridiculous, at this point, would be contested elections and recounts, which may happen in Virginia.) While I'm definitely on the edge of my seat about the close Senate situation, I can't say I'm wildly happy about any of the results. Things have sucked thus far, but will it be all that better under the dems? I hope so.

As I sit here tonight I can't help but think of 2004. I was sitting at the E-room with CB and Mog (a.k.a. 'make out girl', but way before she was Mog, when she was still just a cute chick in one of my classes) watching the election results roll in on a giant screen with a roomful of other dykes. We cheered for awhile because Measure 36 was doing poorly, then we groaned and sighed when it picked back up and eventually won. What a fucking disappointment that whole election was. So many states voted against gay marriage. And then there was the whole re-electing George W. thing that happened. What the fuck. I realized that night that this country is completely fucking crazy. Sorry, fellow citizens, but how could we have elected that idiot-monkey two separate times? I know, some would argue we never even elected him once, much less twice, but whatever. He's in there, isn't he? And we didn't do enough to stop it.

Now the dems are taking over and I'm mildly excited about it but, as they say, only time will tell if makes any difference. I might be too disillusioned to care. It's all rearranging deck chairs on the Titatanic at this point, as far as I'm concerned. I'd like to see the two-party system tank, the institution of national healthcare, a clampdown on big-bizniss, the eradication of the influence of so-called morality politics, and a globally responsible attitude towards foreign relations. Just for a start. Maybe I'll run for prez in 2012. Better start polishing up all the skeletons in my closet, I'm afraid my opponent would have lots of mud to sling. I guess I should start by admitting I inhaled, among other things...


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