Saturday, November 04, 2006

let us eat cake

I had a little party in the hovel last night. A birthday party for the illustrious SK. A very small party, but a party nonetheless. As I prepared for the small party, I ran over an inventory of modern conveniences I don't have: microwave, television, coffeepot, teapot, vacuum cleaner, furniture. I have all the stuff I need to get through an average day, but I'm not exactly equipped for entertaining.

Fortunately, I have enough cups, plates and forks to accomodate tea and cake for five people (five whole people, and most of them really tall, all crammed into my hovel!). Dr. Dutch, who is now SK's landlord after years of being SK's friend, made a gorgeous, three layer coconut cake with sour cream in between the layers (yum) and home-made icing, creamy like marshmallow goo. It was so lovely. And Kiwi and her big-toothed, healthy looking California friend (we'll call her Berkeley) came and brought two mugs, some ginger, and some bags of fancy black tea. We all spread out in the floor, cut the cake and had a very nice time.

One thing I can say about all the people in the hovel yesterday: they are all interesting. And mostly educated. Dr. Dutch just got her PhD and Kiwi is working on hers. I'm not sure about Berkeley, she's in some kind of Master's program. And SK's educated along multiple lines. First education: textile design. Second education: chinese medicine and acupuncture. Third education: process work. And of course, here I am, lumping along with my law study. It was nice to have a roomful of intelligent, educated, ambitious women in the hovel and glad that SK's birthday gave me the excuse to do so. Yay for smart chicks. :-)


Anonymous roro said...

Smart chicks rock! And so does delicious birthday cake. Mmm - cake. Happy birthday to SK!

9:58 AM  

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