Monday, November 06, 2006

parade of the scorpios

Last Friday was SK's birthday and today is my brother Alex's birthday and the sixteenth is *my* birthday. Yay for all the scorpios. :-)

My brother's birthday is a little complicated for two reasons. First, Alex was a twin and his twin, Isaac, died in 2001 right after they'd both turned twenty. So, today is also Isaac's birthday. Happy birthday Isaac. Isaac, being dead, may or may not be all that interested in his birthday anymore, but Alex, being alive, will probably never have a single birthday all his life that doesn't remind him that his twin brother is dead. And that's complicated.

To a lesser degree, Alex's birthday is now complicated because mine comes ten days after and, because his comes first, my actions tend to set the tone each year for how we will handle birthdays. If I ignore his birthday and send him a late card, he ignores my birthday and sends me a late card. If I remember, and send him a present, he remembers and sends me a present. If I just send an email, he sends an email. It's kind of strange. This year I sent him a t-shirt from Powell's. Turns out, it was way too big. I'm no good at judging sizes, apparently. I'm not good at judging much of anything, to be honest, but that's beside the point. I'm just hoping he doesn't feel obligated to put something in the mail for me this week of similar size and value. That's just weird.


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