Sunday, December 17, 2006

morbidity and mortality

1.) According to my sitemeter (O Great Oracle!) several people a day end up on my blog by searching the words "backwards heart." I know what they're finding here (my story about my brother Isaac who was born with a backwards heart), but what are they looking for??

2.) They found the body of one of the missing Mt. Hood climbers. My (one remaining) grandmother kept calling me a couple days ago, leaving nearly frantic messages. When I finally talked to her, I learned she was worried about my safety in this weather we're having in this state that seems so trecherous to those on the outside. I tried to explain that I live in a valley not too high above sea level that protects me from most of the bad stuff. I could tell she didn't really buy it. And now a dead climber. I expect her to call again any minute.

3.) I'm almost done studying for my last exam, the one for my Health and Poverty Law Class. I'm sorry to say, even though the subject matter is very dear to my heart, the class was terrible and studying for it has been miserable. Furthermore, I did a shitty job studying and I don't know nearly as much as I probably should, but I can't take another minute of it. Taking the exam at 9:00 tomorrow morning will be the equivalent of jumping off a bridge to end the pain. Oh well. It will be worth every nanosecond of the freefall just for the relief of the impact.


Blogger Shawna said...

I am looking for the actual medical term for that. My nephew was born with that...everything backwards, wrong side of body etc. He died in 2003 and I have blocked out all the medical terminology that was pounded into our heads. Do you know it?

8:28 PM  

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