Saturday, December 16, 2006

speaking of my old home state...

Hey! I just found out that my little podunk, liberal arts, undergraduate alma mater won their second straight NCAA football championship in a row! Appalachian State University, mostly unknown to all, beat some team from Massachusetts last night, putting them on the map once more. Yay!

I had no idea the ol' Mountaineers were so good at football. I didn't even know they won last year... I guess I'm a bad alum. A friend from undergrad who also lives in Portland now called me last night to tell me they were planning to watch the game at Claudia's on Hawthorne, but I didn't make it out there. Oh well. I bet they had fun.

Meanwhile, I was having fun at SK's Hanukka party, but I'll write more about that later. For now, back to the studies which never seem to end.


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