Monday, December 11, 2006

because i know you want to know

One exam down, one to go. I spent three hours and fifteen minutes this morning sitting in a room with a bunch of other people, scribbling down all I could think of about Civil Rights Litigation. (Which can be summed up thusly: are you the government? No? Then you lose. Goodbye.)

Now I'm going to take a bath and clean my house and enjoy two hours of pure leisure before I go to work. Tomorrow I will start studying for my last exam, which will be a big, chaotic joke, because there's no textbook, just an enormous pile of papers generated by the professor, some of which is numbered, some of which is not, all of which totals over 1500 pages. It is the most disorganized pile of shit I can imagine and I you have no idea how happy I will be to finish that exam and put all that behind me.

Now for the bath. And the leisure. Ciao.


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