Sunday, January 28, 2007

drinks with tragedy, breakfast with brits

I went out last night for a drink with my former coworker Chunk. I have written about Chunk here before, he's the hapless, hopeless guy with all the bad luck. The guy who always loses his cell phone and breaks his ipod. The guy who got hit by a car, who actually got a *ticket* for it while he was in the hospital, and who *then* went to a Halloween party a few days later and everyone thought his bandages were a costume.

Anyway, Chunk has really done it this time. I can't say what he did, but it was bad enough to get him fired and, dangling on the edge as he seemed to be, I wanted to hang out with him to lend some support. Wow. He's like some Dickensian character, all foibles and fuck-ups and golden heart. Tragic flaw: absolute lack of self-confidence to the point of self-sabatoge. Redeeming factors: naivete and that heart of gold I mentioned. A hugely stupid mistake coupled with disarming and unprecedented honesty. All he wants is redemption.

I had my two beers and listened to him talk for nearly 2 hours and then it was time to go home and go to sleep so I could get up early and go to breakfast with SK and her two very old friends from England who are in for the weekend. I woke up feeling crappy and thought it was the beers, but now I think it's that cold I've been fighting off. Those beers gave it a leg up last night and now it's reasserting itself. I'll have to redouble my efforts and see if I can't stamp it out. The last thing I need while I'm studying is a brain clouded by mucous and sinus pressure.

Breakfast was nice despite my fog. SK's friends, especially the girl-one, grilled me about my studies and my future plans which, coming from anybody else, would've been pretty annoying, but there was no judgment or expectation in the way she asked her questions so I didn't mind answering them. I think they were both a little taken aback by the unusual options on the menu (we took them to the Vita, a great spot if you're vegan and a probably confusing spot if you've never heard of tempeh or Bragg's Liquid Aminos). But all in all it was fun and I was sorry that I couldn't hang out longer. But alas, they were off to hike in the forest and I was off to my cave to keep hiking through my recently completed Property outline. Will the studies ever end? Eventually. But at least I had a nice break or two along the way.


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