Monday, January 29, 2007

little miss sunshine

I really should be sleeping, but instead, I just finished watching Little Miss Sunshine for the second night in a row. I watched it last night before I headed out to meet Chunk and I put it on again tonight after I'd had all the studying I could stand and oh my god. That movie is fucking brilliant.

Ok, maybe not brilliant, but really, really close to brilliant. Alan Arkin? Hilarious. Abigail Breslin? As cute as can fucking be. Toni Collette? Toni Collette is AUSSIELICIOUS!!! Can I be any more enthusiastic? Greg Kinnear? At first he's pretty unbearable but after you see him riding back to the motel on that tiny little scooter... somehow he's redeemed himself and by the time he winds up dancing with Olive at the end, you realize he's not so bad after all. And of course, Steve Carrell? Hilariously deadpan. Pushing the van, in the heat and the dust, when he says "I just want everyone to know, I am the preeminent Proust scholar in the country," he says it with just the right self-mocking tone and it's actually funny. Both times.

**Spoiler alert** Sometimes the movie asks you to suspend your disbelief a little more than is usually necessary. I mean, for chrissakes, do you really think they could smuggle a dead body out of a hospital window and into their van with nobody noticing? Nobody at all? In broad daylight?? And what about that super-long, extended-play remix of Superfreak? If you want the kid to quit dancing so bad, oh... I don't know... how 'bout pull the plug on the music?? Of course, it wouldn't have been nearly as funny (and excruciating) if it had ended a moment sooner. Awesome.

Watching Little Miss Sunshine, I couldn't help thinking back the mother of all fucked-up-family-roadtrip movies, National Lampoon's Vacation. Both have the clunky and unreliable vehicle, the quirky kids, the marital disharmony and even a dead relative. But where Vacation was crass and gross in it's hilarity, Little Miss Sunshine, despite all it's bizarre twists and stretches of the imagination, was deeply, sweetly human. Each character felt fully fleshed out and one-hundred percent alive. It was hilarious and fucked up and also really touching. I can't wait to make everyone I know watch it and then make them tell me all the parts they loved. :-) It was just that good.


Anonymous SK said...

baby you are my little miss sunshine
thanks for TLC this morning
from my sickly place
you are a honey

10:28 AM  

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