Sunday, July 22, 2007

the drama that is my life

I am trying a very weird experiment with my personal life and I feel it is my responsibility to share the results of this experiment with the world (ie: whomever is reading this blog). Here's the latest installment: I got dumped by adventure girl.

I knew it would happen, she'd been warning me about her boundaries since basically day one and I'd been studiously pushing those boundaries, all the while reminding her that my pushing of her boundaries should not be taken as any kind of aquiescence to having, or even thinking about having, a "relationship."

However, as clear as I thought I was being, I still had a niggling little suspicion that she was still getting emotionally involved. And I was right. After kayaking last Sunday, back at her house where the final barrier was breached (if you know what I mean...), I knew things might be weird. SK came back on Tuesday, and my contact with adventure girl dropped to record low levels.

Then yesterday I got the call. SK and I were just getting back from a wish-list trip to REI (more on that later), and I sat in the car on the phone while SK went in and started making dinner, which was very lovely of her. Meanwhile, adventure girl asked me lots of questions, seemed a little hurt by my frank answers, and then declared that this thing we've been doing must end.

I hung in, I held my ground, I apologized for my insensitivities, etc, etc, but at some point I just wanted to say, "Ok, look. Can I still use your kayak for the camping trip in two weeks? Can we still share a tent and be pals? Because I don't really care about processing all this emotional shit with you, I just want to get off the phone and go eat dinner." Maybe I'm becoming a man...

Anyway, I called her this morning and we went to breakfast and it was good. I expected her (dangerous little scorpio that she is) to stew on it all through the night and then to have herself all worked up into a nice, frothy anger by today, but not so. She seemed pretty ok. She did admit that her feelings were hurt when she realized I didn't really have feelings for her (HELLO, haven't I been warning you about that all along?) but otherwise, it was ok. We ate breakfast, went to a kayak store to return a loaner paddle together, and now I'm home, none the worse for wear.

And the good news: I still get to go on the camping trip and we're still pals. I'm not kicked out of the kayak club! Yay! Because that's really all that matters to me at this point.


Blogger Maggie said...

Okay, so that was really a "guy" thing to do. AND I LOVE IT 'CAUSE YOU GET TO GO CAMPING!!!

I sooo would have done that for camping. Especially with the REI discount. (The REI Outlet is really good too.)

9:10 PM  

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