Wednesday, July 25, 2007

tuesday fantasy girlfriend! a day late and a dollar short!

I really tried to do Tuesday fantasy girlfriend on Tuesday this week. I sat down with my computer in my lap and racked my brain for interesting, attractive women and -- big shock -- nothing came. So I did a google search for "lesbian icon," hoping I'd find a list of lesbians to help remind me who my options were. I ended up spending fifteen minutes taking some British "who's your lesbian icon" survey only to find out my lesbian icon was somebody I'd never even heard of before. Then I stumbled upon a top fifteen butches from the big screen list on After Ellen, which I hoped would spark my fantasy girlfriend imagination, but no. That list was bullshit. I don't even want to talk about it.

So I scrapped it and went to work having posted nothing. But then, last night as I lay drifting off to sleep, the perfect choice came to me. Ally Sheedy.

Like many lesbians of my generation, I always thought Ally Sheedy was just a brat pack actress with nothing much to recommend her besides her role in The Breakfast Club. What a great movie and what a great character.

But of course it was High Art that really put Ally on the lesbian map.

I remember thinking, after watching it for the first time, "Wow. Ally Sheedy. Who knew?" Who knew she could be SO HOT?? Who knew she could play such a great heroin-chic lesbian? This woman, who played opposite a ROBOT in a romantic comedy once (see: Short Circuit... or rather, don't see it...), had transformed into a super-hot hotty!

But, alas, she is ONLY a super-hot hotty in the context of High Art. My google image search resulted in MANY very unflattering photos of our Ally. Oh well. She was hot enough in High Art to make up for all the Short Circuits in the world... but just barely...


Blogger Zoe said...

I'm not sure how much of her hotness in High Art is her and how much is her character. Though I have to say she totally made that character.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Melinda Barton said...

Okay, Ally was totally hot in Short Circuit. Not so much in High Art, in my opinion. Of course, I'm a bit turned off by the whole heroine chic thing.

11:06 AM  

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