Thursday, August 02, 2007

sometimes we should remember our limits...

Hello peoples. I'm hungover today. :-( Yeah... it's ridiculous.

I foolishly double-stacked my social engagements yesterday. I had two happy hours. First I met up with school people at 4 for drinks at the Rock Bottom Brewery, to commiserate with Rose who just took the bar last week. Good luck Rose. Then I bussed over to Hawthorne and met work people at the Lucky Lab at 6. And I didn't do a great job pacing myself.

Oh well. Consequently, I don't remember much about the Lucky Lab. I remember having a good time. I remember leaving. And then I was home laying in the bed, falling asleep. And then I was awake at 10:15am, feeling groggy and fuzzy and headachey and, well... that was that.

You'd think I'd know by now, but I guess there are some things you just never learn...


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