Friday, October 12, 2007

georgia in pictures, a retrospective exhibition

Encouraged by SK, I started writing "blog posts" in my word processing program while I was in Georgia so I could post them when I finally got back to civilization. I quit writing those, however, after only a day or so because they were dumb. Sorry, I don't know why, but I had a really hard time processing the Georgia experience. It's too much. For now, here are some pictures.

Here's where I was, the valley where my family lives. It's been in the family a hundred years at least, my grandfather's father aquired the land... I think. I should ask my dad. He built the barn too. The land has been split among all my grandparent's children, my Uncle Bill has the part with the barn on it now. He makes sure it doesn't rot away. Used to be a dairy, but hasn't had a cow in it in 20 years I guess.

Pretty, huh? I fantasize about coming down here someday when my family are all dead and gone. I love this place, but my family drive me crazy. I love Margie though. She's the reason I keep coming back. Here she is in all her glory. I call this series "Don't watch me eating red velvet cake."

And this is what I like to call "Faces of Boredom," from my narcissism collection.

And finally, Margie on her front porch. I call this one "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!" Or, "Dawn, stop taking my picture!"


Blogger south carolina girl said...

the landscapes really are gorgeous. Margie, i can tell how much you love her. and you really are good at self-portraits, way better than :)

8:13 PM  

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