Tuesday, October 16, 2007

just a tiny glimpse into the madness

Why my mom makes me crazy, one example: We just watched the last twenty minutes of Borat and mom refused to believe that it all wasn't just a "put on." I explained how they made the movie, I explained the whole point, the controversy surrounding it, etc, etc. She refused to believe. She insisted they were all actors, that it was too "choreographed" to be real, that no people would really act that stupid.

Really? Wouldn't they?

Shortly thereafter, she dragged me into "mission control" (see photo below) to show me YouTube footage of alien bases on the moon. Yep. Alien bases on the moon. She didn't believe Borat was real, but she *did* believe the fuzzy grey buildings on YouTube were really alien moon bases and not just some asshole's film school project.

Wow. I'm frightened by the depth of her wisdom.

This is the office mom now shares with her brother and sister-in-law. Three fancy computers on which they play a game called Chicken Shooter and look up aliens and conspiracy theories on YouTube. I'm not sure if that really qualifies the room as an "office" per se, but whatever.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

wow hon, this has really been quite the journey back to your home/sland/s.... it's amazing to know you and to read where you came from/come from and to know you in where you have got to....

thanks for sharing something of your journey/s there....
that photo of the computer screens... wow... welcome to the 21st century... i guess that's the equivalent of a scrabble board 50 years ago...

or scribbage
or besique
or bridge or whatever folks used to play :-))

1:31 PM  

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