Sunday, January 20, 2008

a really, really small world

Remember Gully? Maybe not. I met Gully a week before my birthday, back in November. We danced, it was hot, we had a date a week later, and we had really, really hot sex. Like... unbelievable. Like... unprecedented. Because I am a lady, I have not shared the details of this exploit. However, I will say that I did something that night that I had never done before. Something of legend. Something I wasn't even sure was possible, something I'd only ever read about.

Of course, things with Gully didn't extend past that first hot date, a barrage of insane text messages and a few strange phone calls. Ultimately, I met Mahavira and started having even better mind-blowing sex (not to mention I fell crazy in love with her) and I ended up writing Gully a nice message explaining that I wasn't available anymore, yadda yadda, she gave me her blessings and that was that.

Well. Last night I went to a birthday party with Mahavira for one of her closest, oldest friends, G. At G's party were some of Mahavira's other old, close friends, Little C and her husband Little J. I ended up chatting in the kitchen with Little J, a wisp of a little balding gay-seeming man, and we discovered that we both work in mental health. I work for a big non-profit and he works for a nearby county.

"Oh!" I said, "I know one person who works for that county's mental health," thinking of Gully and thinking it would be so unlikely that of all the people who work for that county, this random guy might happen to know her. "Her name is Gully."

"Oh my god," he said (in very gay-seeming fashion) "She sits right across the hall from me! We went to a training in Salem together in November."

I couldn't believe it. Mahavira, standing nearby, started laughing. It was during that overnight training in Salem that Gully sent me the barrage of crazy, sexually explicit texts. I shook my head and said, "Well, if you noticed Gully sending a lot of texts during that training, they were to me."

Then his eyes got big as saucers and his mouth dropped open (yet another very gay gesture) and he said, "That was you??" Then, with dramatic approval and a huge grin, he said, "I heard you two had some fun..." By this point Mahavira was doubled over laughing and I realized that Gully had probably told this guy everything. My prowess had proceeded me. It was the highlight of the party.


Blogger roro said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah! That's a fantastic and hilarious story. You're a legend. A sex legend!

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