Wednesday, September 17, 2008

thank you brad pitt

For donating $100,000 to fight the anti-gay marriage ballot measure in California. You are a humanitarian and philanthropist, in addition to being hot and overly tabloided. I thank you from the bottom of my gay, engayged heart.

(See previous post for hints as to why I haven't bothered to offer you a link to the news story I just read about this.)

off the map

Not that I've been posting consistently or anything... but I thought I'd share with you all that my brother is coming tomorrow and I probably won't be on again for eight days. Try to keep the grief and anguish in check, I'm sure you can keep an eye on Sarah Palin all by yourself while I'm gone.

I was thinking recently about writing a "what I did on my summer vacation" blog, but as I thought about it, I realized I haven't done anything. Sure, I took that kayaking trip, but you know about that already. And I moved across town into a lovely house with my girlfriend. I've mentioned that, I'm sure.

One thing I did this summer that I neglected to mention -- and this is a seriously egregious oversight -- I met Roro from Creampuff Revolution. (!!!) I think the biggest reason I didn't mention it is because I knew I'd feel compelled to provide a link if I mentioned her, and I don't know if I've shared this with you yet, but adding links in my archaic and otherwise shitty Safari browser is very complicated and involves cutting and pasting a bunch of html because Safari isn't fully supported by Blogger (or vice versa) and the handy publishing buttons simply don't exist in my world. And it sucks.

Sorry Roro, you do not deserve to be ignored just because I am too lazy to make a link. I lieu of a link in this post, let me please direct readers to the sidebar wherein you will find a preexisting link to Roro's fabulous site, Creampuff Revolution. If I ever spent more than five minutes on the computer anymore, I'm sure I would be reading it and laughing my ass off every day.

Anyway, Roro and her fabulous woman-friend came through Portland and stopped in for a bite of breakfast at my favorite breakfast joint, Gravy. It was lovely to meet her and I will tell you she is just as clever and witty and smart and awesome in person as she appears to be in her blog. My only regret is that EmmyLou wasn't with her, that would have absolutely rounded out the experience. But alas, it was great to meet Roro and Katr, despite the fact that I consistently gave them bad directions. They still somehow made it everywhere they needed to go and as far as I know they don't hate me.

Otherwise I've spent a lot of time sitting on my new front porch with Mahavira, whiling away the evenings and watching the crows in the tree across the street. The rest of the time I'm working. My boss has been on vacation for over a week now and she won't be back till next Monday, which means I've been in charge this whole time. Can I just tell you that it sucks to be in charge? Can I tell you that it's a big program with a lot to track and do? Can I tell you that I'm tired and I want to cry almost every day? Can I tell you that I'm not getting paid extra for all the extra work I'm doing, but whatever. At least I have my health.

Another thing I did this summer was go to a gay wedding. Maybe I wrote about it already? I don't know. As soon as Mahavira sends me the pictures she took I'll post one or two. I looked kinda hot, even though I had a miserable cold. The wedding was, in my opinion, overwrought, but it made me think a lot about the idea of marriage, gay marriage particularly and all the other things that go along with it. At some point after my bother leaves I hope to write a long little rumination on that subject, as my own impending nuptuals draw near.

For now, I need to go pick up the little lady in my new car. Oh that's right! I also got a new car this summer. After flippy-flopping between wanting a Forester, a Toyota Yaris, a Volvo (that was Mahavira's influence), and others, I ended up getting a 2002 Jetta with only 80,000 miles on it. I won't say how much it cost (a sum I believe was quite reasonable) but I will tell you that I ended up with a jaw-droppingly low interest rate: 4.4%. Can't beat that with a stick. Who says the economy's in trouble!?!?

Ok, off to pick up the little lady from work. See you on the other side...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i am so disappointed....

All I can say is, I'm embarassed this comes as a disappointment and wasn't obvious from the beginning...

Friday, September 12, 2008

palin-watch 2008!!!

All I can say is wow. I may as well vote for her.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

will somebody please tell me what's so bad about intellectualism???

I just listened to a disturbing little story on NPR about negative campaigning... by McDonald's... to sell coffee. Evidently, McDonald's is now hawking fancy coffee drinks and their new ad campaign features coffeeshop hipsters in Starbucksian settings discovering that McDonald's has fancy coffee and then, woo-hoo, CELEBRATING that they don't have to hang out in awful coffeeshops anymore listening to JAZZ! How terrible! I mean, really! JAZZ!

Someone in the advertising biz then came on and said "Wow, this is very much in the vein of Sarah Palin. She is really having her day!" Someone else then came along and referred to this campaign (and the McCain/Palin campaign) as exploiting the very popular "anti-intellectualism."

Now listen up people of America. I simply cannot tolerate another 8 years of anti-intellectual politics and attitude in this country. Just what the heck is wrong with intelligence? What is so effing terrible about knowing stuff you learned in books? And maybe applying it to real life situations every now and then?? Maybe if George W. Bush had ever bothered reading a book (besides selected exerpts from the Bible and My Pet Goat) we wouldn't be in the global shitter today.

Seriously, Sarah Palin is not a smart lady. I caught some of that Charlie Gibson interview: she's obviously been prepped, and she's not a completely inarticulate oaf like G.W., but she wasn't rockin' the brainswagon. She clearly didn't even understand some of the questions and she kept falling back on a trick I'm sure she was taught: if you're confused or flummoxed, just keep up with the attitude and keep repeating the name of your interviewer in a smart-ass, condescending tone. Underneath all that bravado, however, she was like a deer in headlights...

So what's my point? I don't have one, I'm just pissed to be sitting on the brink of another election where the lowest goddamn common denominator of willful ignorance is going to win out again. Fuck.

In other news, Cracker Jack prizes suck nowadays. The end.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


According to a very good source (one of my coworkers who moved to Portland from Alaska a few months ago), Sarah Palin is "a mean lady." My coworker, who will remain nameless, reports meeting Palin several times while working as a political intern (or something...), and states that Palin "has a chip on her shoulder" and "is super-quick to cut you down with the most sarcastic thing she can think of."

So, I guess she's a shoo-in.

Friday, September 05, 2008

palin = yikes

Sure, she's pretty. But she looks like the kind of "sassy," entitled woman who wouldn't hesitate to humiliate a salesperson at the mall, or get in somebody's face at a PTA meeting... and not in a good way.

Just my thoughts on the matter... more to come, I'm sure.