Wednesday, December 10, 2008

calling in "gay" = brilliant!

I swear to god I totally had this idea after the 2004 election! I said to anyone who would listen: "We should have a big, gay strike! All over the country, we should just *not* show up to work one day. Then they'd all see how important we are and how MANY we are! Then maybe they'd stop jerking us around!"

I was pretty riled up about it all. But instead of my big email manifesto that I was going to send to a million people and encourage them to send to a million more people, which was going to then spread on it's own momenutm around the whole country and maybe even the world... instead of all that, I just kinda grumbled and forgot about it. Because, deep down, I guess I'm just lazy.

But after Prop 8 passed in Cali, somebody else got the idea. Somebody with some gumption. And now, today, we're in the midst of the world's first Day Without a Gay! Has such a ring.

Gays and allies are being encouraged to call in "gay" to work today. It's being criticized all over the place for its lame name and for its perhaps foolish encouragment of blowing off work during a recession, but fuck those critics! And fuck that recession! Calling in gay is awesome!

Considering that most of the people I work with, including most of the upper management of my company, are ALL big old gay homosexuals, I think the gesture would be sort of moot. And it might utterly bring down the company. So we're probably all going to be at work today... but in my heart, I'll be calling in gay, and you should too!


Blogger south carolina girl said...

eh...i don't work right now, but i thought about all the gays without a job that could result from this and unsympathetic bosses.

nice to see you back :)

2:07 PM  

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