Wednesday, March 08, 2006

itty bitty leaves and flowers

They're everywhere. Isn't it a little early? The purple crocuses (ok, croci) that were coming up outside my door two weeks ago ended up frozen solid, like little grape popsicles. Now they're limp and rotting out there. They were *way* too early. But now tons of neighboring bulbs have come up in the bed out there, all planted by the homeowners (who are nothing to me but footsteps and muffled voices coming from above). Flowers I don't even recognize and wish I could name off. And I'm not worried about another freeze at this point, but still. March 8th, it's still winter, isn't it early? What's that old rhyme "April showers bring May flowers" all about? Was that made up before global warming? I reckon it was.

I don't want the flowers and leaves to wait, I just get nervous that if they come too soon, some disaster will befall them, like the grape popsicles. Though it does warm my heart to drive up this one stretch of Fremont and see the tiny green leaves on the short trees (bigger leaves each time I drive by) blurring by in a little light green glow. The color of new leaves is really wonderful. Wish I still had my digital camera.


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