Thursday, April 20, 2006

put out an apb (all paperbacks bulletin, ha ha)

At minimum, three of my books are missing. I have a lot of books, even though I have tried to weed my collection. I probably have about 400 books. Almost all paperbacks and worth next to nothing. But they're great books. And out of my big, fat, no-monetary-value library, at least three books are missing. They are: 1.) Houston Smith's The World's Religions, 2.) Chogyam Trungpa's Training the Mind, and 3.) The English Patient by some guy whose last name is unspellable by me.

Ok, so, sure, I just moved and it's entirely possible that I could've left a few books at CB's. Maybe even the weird moving boys accidentally left a whole box of my junk in their dark and creepy van when they moved me. But here's what's uncanny -- these three missing books are books I have suddenly needed to look at or reference for some reason in the past couple weeks. And these particular three books happen to be missing. Does the universe sense that I will need to see a particular book and then does the universe come along and hide that book so I won't be able to look at it? Is the universe guiding me in this weird, quiet way?

Or will I find a bunch of books in the bottom of that one mystery "junk box" in my closet that I still haven't unpacked...


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