Thursday, December 28, 2006

strange cravings

Today I'm on a half-assed juice fast. I'd been sick, more or less, since Friday and I decided if my body didn't want me to keep putting food in it, then by god, I'd stop putting food in it.

Having stopped, I'm noticing weird cravings. I crave pizza. Any kind, even 99 cent frozen Totino's pizza, the cheapest of the cheap frozen pizzas. I also crave McDonald's cheeseburgers. I know. *McDonalds* Wow. But there it is.

Tonight, at work, I served dinner. Ham and vegetable soup, cold beef sandwiches and some really awesome looking chef-salad. That was torture, but I am vehemently sworn-off eating here because I think I ate something here Tuesday night that contributed to my ongoing gastro-problems. It was hard, though. Cold beef sandwiches never looked so good. Mmmmmmm.


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