Wednesday, January 31, 2007

out of the monkey's mouth

Gee-Dub gave a "State of the Economy" speech for some reason, during which he shamed CEOs for their exhorbitant salaries and bonus packages and called on them to tie pay to performance. I'm sorry, what?? The gilded Mr. Bush of the Bush Dynasty? When has his money ever matched his performace at *anything*?? Hasn't he more or less sucked at every endeavor? And what about Cheney? He wasn't exactly donating his salary as CEO of Halliburton to UNICEF every year. Was he just gagging and choking backstage as Dubya gave his little speech or snickering like the devil and rubbing his greedy little hands together?

Isn't this a bit like, say, the Godfather somehow becoming the president of the US and then giving a speech deriding the evil influences of organized crime? Isn't it, in fact, almost exactly the same thing? Oh jesus. What will the monkey say next?

You can read about it here:

And I swear to god, as soon as the bar is over and I have some free time, I'll really, really learn how to post an actual link. I promise.


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