Tuesday, January 02, 2007

something nice for a change

I just heard a great story on NPR about a couple in (I'm guessing b/c I missed the first seconds of the piece) Colorado who took in 44 people during the white-out. Unreal. They live on a ranch and became aware that several vehicles were stranded near their property via contact on the short-wave radios they normally use to communicate on the ranch. By their report, without hesitation, they gave directions and assisted all 44 of the people stranded nearby to get to their property where they all cohabitated for several days. And to make this more than just an awesome act of kindness and generosity, to make this something more like a Christmas Miracle, one of the stranded vehicles was an 18-wheeler loaded full of groceries! So they had food. The couple, interviewed just now, said they actually kind of missed their visitors now that they were all gone -- just like when family comes for Christmas and then leaves and the house feels strangely empty. And I thought that was pretty sweet.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

mmm, i heard it too
hope the studying is going smoothly

2:21 PM  
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