Friday, January 05, 2007


I started bar study on Monday and I realize now that bar study is going to be this breakneck sort of thing that sucks up all my attention and makes eight weeks fly by like nothing. It was actually fun at first, but I imagine it will get tedious pretty soon.

Today, I treated myself to the only treat you can afford when your life is devoted to studying and work: I studied somewhere besides my house. I took my stuff down to Daddy Mojo's on the corner of 15th and Alberta and sat in a big booth and ordered a Triple Decker club sandwich with a side of fried okra. Fried okra, I should mention, is my favorite food. I studied while I ate and got a lot done.

The best thing about my Daddy Mojo's experience was the photography. The wall next to me was literally covered to the ceiling in framed photographs of people of varying types of celebrity. For instance, a smiling Ted Kennedy hovered at eye level, presiding over my booth like a patron saint. The picture was autographed. A few up from him was JFK. A few to the right of JFK was Woodie Guthrie. A few to the left of JFK was a very young Dolly Parton, sitting on a stool with tall hair and a guitar. If I could've subtly stolen that picture off the wall and taken it home, I would have. That picture was lovely.

Tomorrow night I'm off work and, after my at least five hours of concentrated studying, I'm going to see "Notes on a Scandal" with SK at the real theater downtown, not any of the cheap theaters I usually go to. Then, on Saturday, we're going to a cocktail party and we have to dress up in "cocktail attire," whatever that means. I think I have a blue velvet blazer in my closet... if I only had an ascot... Anyway, all in all, things aren't too bad.


Anonymous Shelley said...

Bar review sucks. You'll do it more hours in a day than you realize and the time will go by quickly, but it's tedious. The one nice thing about the July bar was studying in my garden (I'd asked my grandmother for an Adirondack chair for my graduation present, and had gotten one, and there I sat). However, it's and in a lot of ways is easier than law school; the stakes are just much higher.

I have all of my outlines from barbri (the ones I made after lectures) around, if you'd like them. They're in word format.

6:54 AM  
Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

big smiles seeing how a blog becomes extended into sharing barbri notes... perhaps there is hope for this internet thing after all

good luck with day, the movie tickets are burning a hole in my pocket


7:43 AM  
Blogger Dharma said...

Sounds like a lovely study date you gave yourself. Fried okra, yum.
Blue velvet and an ascot - wow. You are the dandy aren't you ;-)

10:49 AM  

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