Thursday, February 01, 2007


I was really sad to see yesterday that spitfire, progressive journalist and general hell-raiser Molly Ivins has died of breast cancer. As a Southern woman, I am always thrilled to hear another Southerner use her Southern wit and colloquialisms for good and not for evil. In this case, hearing Molly drawl out her indictments against Dubya on NPR gave me goosebumps. She's a Texan and had her own very personal feelings against Dubya, whom she dubbed "Shrub." I became familiar with her when I was reading the Progressive, a magazine that gets on my nerves nowadays, but her clever column was always one of my favorites. I am surprised by how sad her passing has made me. The world needs more strong, powerful, funny, articulate women. Not less. She will definitely be missed.

Her obit is here, if you're interested:


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