Saturday, February 10, 2007

now with live links!

The Guardian Online (a London paper) reports today that the US is planning airstrikes in Iran as early as the spring. But what about all those vehement disavowals by our fearless leaders?

"Colonel Sam Gardiner, a former air force officer who has carried out war games with Iran as the target, supported the view that planning for an air strike was under way: "Gates said there is no planning for war. We know this is not true. He possibly meant there is no plan for an immediate strike. It was sloppy wording."

Sloppy wording? "Sloppy" is too kind.

So I surfed over to the New York Times site to see if we're reporting anything similar. Front page news there (you know, to the left of the big Obama announcment) was a story claiming that Iran is suspected of providing a particular type of roadside bomb to Iraq. Only a small fraction of the bombs are used in Iraq, but the headline of the article says "Deadliest Bomb in Iraq Is Made by Iran, US Says."

"The officials said they were willing to discuss the issue to respond to what they described as an increasingly worrisome threat to American forces in Iraq, and were not trying to lay the basis for an American attack on Iran."

Yeah. Right. I'm sure that will be described later as "sloppy wording" too.

PS -- Yay, live links!! Thanks to Joolie who sent me the instructions way back in AUGUST! Sorry I didn't manage to actually read those instructions until now. I saw a bunch of code and my eyes glazed over. I will never be afraid of HTML again. HTML is my new friend.


Blogger Dharma said...

I am excited for you that you figured out how to link but your background/font/link colours makes links almost invisible. Just thought you should know. I am view on Firefox, in case it matters but I don't think it does.

6:34 PM  
Blogger reasonably prudent poet said...

bummer, i was so excited about my links...

on my computer, the links are coming up purple, which indicates that i have already clicked them. i'm guessing in their unclicked state they are the same pale blue color as my other links, which is a fine color when the links are set off in the sidebar, but probably less distinguishable when they're right next to the the white text. i don't really know how to change this detail and i'm not up for trying to figure it out. oh well.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

yay you! In midst of all that studying and graphic novel reading - enjoying a bunch of them myself these days (also got a couple of duds from the library i have not mentioned to you..)- you managed the live links.
and yes, a little hard to see, but i knew they were there!

9:05 AM  

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