Friday, February 09, 2007

simply fucked up

Holocaust survivor, author and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Elie Wiesel was dragged off an elevator and "roughed up" at a hotel in San Francisco while attending some kind of conference on world peace today.

Apparently, someone on the elevator had approached him about doing an interview, and when he agreed to do the interview in the lobby, the person on the elevator insisted he do it in a hotel room. That's when Wiesel was dragged off the elevator. The article I read didn't indicate what "roughed up" meant exactly, but fuck.

The attacker fled when Wiesel started screaming and so far no arrests have been made, however, a neonazi named Eric Hunt took credit for it on a website, claiming that he wanted to make Wiesel admit on videotape that most of his book Night, which depicted his harrowing experience in Auschwitz, was fictionalized. Night was recently an Oprah Winfrey bookclub pick.

Another report out today notes an increase in KKK membership in the US, spurred by the so-called immigration problem. What the fuck is going on here? What is the impulse to hate and lash out at an entire group of people? How does a group that is ostensibly a part of the majority in this country (white folk) find itself feeling so threatened that violent opposition to a minority group (or groups) seems the appropriate option?

And how do you become so blinded by your hate that you think it's ok to drag some man who could be your grandfather out of an elevator so you can force him to renounce his well-documented Holocaust experience? Where have we gone wrong, that this is what happens? How are we, as a culture, responsible for creating these nasty shadows?


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