Friday, March 09, 2007

an excess of commemoration

I just closed the study book and thought I would announce to the world that I will never study anything again so long as I live. This marks the last of the studying. Yay.

While that may not actually end up being true, it is certainly true that I won't be studying anymore tonight or for the forseeable future. (Let's not discuss what will happen if I don't pass the bar...)

Now I'm off to the passport photo place because I have to attach a frickin' picture to my "admission ticket" to the exam tomorrow. The bar only wanted me to sign a signature card every fifteen minutes, but the MPRE wants a passport photo. AND they're making me bring my own pencils. Whatever.

Tomorrow I'm free, regardless of their petty demands. Yay for real!!


Anonymous Shelley said...

The good news is that the stupid test takes very little time. It's just a serious pain it the butt to take it. When I took it, it was a weekday at UP and no one had set aside any parking for the test takers. Ugh.

You'll do great!

6:38 AM  

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