Tuesday, March 06, 2007

my last word on ann coulter

This is the last thing I'm going to say about that awful Ann Coulter. The latest on her "F-bomb" -- she explained on Fox News that "faggot" has nothing to do with sexuality. It's just a schoolyard taunt. Ohhhhhhh, ok. Just a schoolyard taunt. Much better.

Anyway, no big shock that Ann Coulter is shrill and mean and disingenuous, and contributes nothing but "schoolyard taunts" to political discourse. I think if she wasn't so perfectly aryan and modelly, nobody on the planet would give much of a shit about what she has to say. As it is, she's like a sideshow freak: an otherwise gorgeous woman with big eyes and a dazzling smile and yet, when she opens her mouth, WOW! She's nuts! Look at that!

Anyway, I read an article on Slate.com about the reality that we all keep her in business by giving her so much attention and I decided they're right. I don't want to give her anymore attention. So, that's all. From now on, I'll just assume that anything else she does that's fucked up and ridiculous doesn't bear mentioning because it really doesn't make a bit of difference. Unless, of course, she shaves her head and goes into an ashram. I promise I'll tell you all about that.


Blogger Dharma said...

LOL. I'll race you to the keyboard if that happens.

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