Saturday, March 03, 2007

my good day

Blogged in bullets for speed and convenience:

1.) Woke up with my girlfriend for a change.

2.) Went to Powell's (one of my favorite places on earth) to trade some books and buy a copy of the New Yorker and a New York Times. Quality reading.

3.) Went to Vivace's on NW 23rd to eat a butter and cinnamon crepe (mmmmmmmmmm) and drink a decaf americano (yes, I am embarrassed, but what can you do) and read the aforementioned periodicals.

4.) Went back to my girlfriend's house for a quick visit while she worked hard transcribing a tape of the seminar she just organized on the coast.

5.) Came home and wrote a blog about that awful Ann Coulter.

6.) Walked up to Alberta St. and bought a bar of Forest Smell (not it's actual name) soap from the Alberta St. Co-op. I wanted more of my tried and true patchouli soap, but they didn't have it. I love buying soap there because they get it from a couple of local companies in giant blocks and you get to use what looks like a dough slicer, like we had at Little Caeser's Pizza, to slice a chunk of soap off for yourself. I picked Forest Smell soap out of a million choices because it smells so much like pine sap I kept expecting my hands to be sticky after touching it. It's awesome. I also bought a copy of Tikkun magazine, because I LOVE MAGAZINES! AND I HAVE TIME TO READ THEM NOW!

7.) Then I walked down to my favorite dumpy coffeeshop on Alberta to meet up with my friend Dre for a chit-chat. Now that studying is over, I can not only read magazines and newspapers, but I can catch up with all the friends I've hardly seen in three and a half years. Yay for socializing!

8.) Came home and showered with my new Forest Smell soap and it rocks!

9.) Now I'm heading over to SK's to take a walk in Forest Park. What with my new Forest Smell soap, it's like I'm in the forest already! But the weather turned lovely and mild with even some *sun* out, so we're going to take advantage of it before the sky remembers it's in Portland and turns back on the waterworks. Yay for spring fever!


Anonymous roro said...

Yay indeed! So glad things are looking (and feeling) up after having such a rough time. The forest soap sounds lovely - I almost bought a giant bottle of pine smelling lotion from William Sonoma (I KNOW, I know, embarassing) last Xmas. Perhaps I'll have to look for a less evil, more natural alternative when I get back to Vancouver. Hope the walk was grand!

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

forest soap was good
but peppery-mmm rules

11:43 AM  

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