Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my friend leo is the best friend a girl could have

Listen to these heroics: I emailed Leo (b/c, no cell phone = you can't call people, also = you don't have anybody's numbers anymore) and asked if she'd mind driving me out to the Airport Holiday Inn to get my car sometime. I left her SK's number, in hopes I'd actually make it there eventually, and imagined Leo might be able to do it in the next day or so.

Well. That Leo called me at SK's almost as soon as I got there and she was ready to go whenever I wanted, EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING A PAPER! She drove over pretty shortly thereafter, was supremely kind and sweet to me in the car (even though I was a wilting, crying mess) and did she stop there? No. She insisted on running into New Seasons to get some cash to loan me until I get my debit card.

And did she stop THERE? NO! She came back to the car with sixty bucks for me (even though I insisted twenty was plenty), PLUS: a bottle of carrot juice (my favorite), a brownie and A SIX PACK OF FAT TIRE BEER! Leo, I have known you a long, long time now (14 goddamn years!). And sometimes you drive me nuts and only want to talk about your own problems and whatever. But let me just tell you, I love you like the sister I never had and I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad we're in this crazy town together, so far away from our cunt'ry roots, but we still have each other.

If it wasn't for Leo, this day would have sucked irredeemably. As it is, I now have tears of joy because Leo was so nice. And so, the day that started out getting flushed down a million toilets, ends up draining into a beautiful ocean. Or something nice like that. Yay!

PS -- Waspy, don't be jealous. Thanks for your email and I know you would've come if I'd called. Not to make you too uncomfortable, but you are a good, true friend and you should expect to read nice things about yourself in my forthcoming Bar Exam Acceptance Speech blog-post, wherein I will list off all the people (and things) to whom (and which) I am thankful and without whom (and which) I would never have been able to complete law school and the bar itself. Stay tuned.


Blogger Dharma said...

It's good to have friends like Leo.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Joolie said...

Oh, good, you got your beer! That would have been too cruel. Congratulations for all of it.

9:23 PM  

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