Friday, March 30, 2007

well that was... interesting

So, um... I'm back already. Our trip to the coast didn't really go as planned. I guess that's because there really hadn't been a plan. I know spontaneity is supposed to be really cool and all, but sometimes a plan is pretty cool too.

Of my two main goals, I accomplished half of one. I said I wanted to walk on a rocky beach, but the beach I walked on was sandy. Good enough. I did not, however, accomplish goal two: eat clam chowder.

We were very close to eating clam chowder -- we were tooling through a town that probably had a restaurant serving clam chowder -- but before we could make it we got pulled over and given a ticket by a very young officer pretending to be very nice, but in reality he was very, very MEAN because what kind of jerk gives my girlfriend a $250 ticket for gliding gently through a stop sign?? A big, stupid, mean jerk with too much free time on his hands and probably a small penis.

The very, large ticket from the very mean (but also quite friendly) Manzanita police officer sort of set the mood back a bit, along with the appetites. After that, I didn't want to give Manzanita another penny of my money. Word to the wise, if you're in Manzanita, don't even think about a "rolling stop." They will nail your ass to the wall.

So we came home a little early and I was able to then discover the next bad thing: all but two of the pictures I took are digitally unrecognizeable. Ie: they won't download on my computer and the camera calls them "unsupported images" even though I can see them on the little display screen. This shitty picture here is one of the only two that survived. Oh well. No momentos from a bum trip.

And I'm getting a cold.

On the bright side, my girlfriend is napping peacefully on my bed and some nice music is playing. That's good enough for now.


Blogger zuhn said...

I'd say the last bit about the napping girlfriend on your bed more than makes up for the rest of the day.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Shelley said...

The chowder in Manzanita isn't all that great, in any case -- we tried it in January.

7:52 PM  

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