Saturday, March 24, 2007

just sitting around

I love sitting around at coffeeshops. Especially when they have nice, outdoor patios with plants, like this one at Fuel on Alberta. This is where I went a few days ago. Check out that orange mug. I love that orange mug.

Anyway, it is very dreary and gray today and I'm holed up in my hovel with the heat on, reminiscing about sitting at the coffeeshop the other day. Good times.

Last night, SK and I went to the Lucky Lab to celebrate the departure of our boss at work. I am surprised to realize I'm really mad at him for leaving. I could hardly look at him all night, the big fat traitor. It's very disheartening. The upside was that there were a lot of dogs running around, and that always makes me happy. (The downside: children.)

I'm so close to the end of Brother's Karamazov, I'm avoiding reading it because I want it to last. I've been reading it for, like, three months now. I started it in January, but kept putting it down and reading other things instead. Not because I didn't like it, mind you, but because it was so good. I didn't want to finish it. And now that it's almost over... I'm feeling a little anxious. I'll have to go to Powell's and get Crime and Punishment. I keep telling myself I'll read these other two books I have laying around, but I probably won't. I won't be able to fight the urge to keep up my inexplicable Dostoevsky kick.

Why am I boring you all so? Because I'm addicted to blogging, that's why. I'm sorry.


Blogger greymatters said...

Not boring at all. Russian lit is terribly rewarding, and rich. Keep going ...

5:35 PM  

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