Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i'd like to thank the academy...

Right after I took the bar, I promised Waspy that she'd soon be seeing her name in my forthcoming bar exam acceptance speech (inspired by the Oscars which had just aired)... yet, no such speech came forth. Why? Because, in my paranoia, I feared that an acceptance speech given *before* I got my results back would just jynx me. Understandable, I'm sure.

So now that I've had the good news (!!!!) it's time for my THANK YOUS to all the people, places and things that made my successful completion of law school possible. Sadly, this will be a short list:

1.) Lewis and Clark Law School: at the top of the list because it was a really great school. Nice teacher/student ratio, very comfortable, collegial atmosphere, not particularly competitive. As far as law schools go, it was bliss. Not to mention, the campus abuts Tryon State Park, a gorgeous wildlife area. So it was a beautiful as well as pleasant 3 and a half years.

2.) In that same vein, there are four profs who get big fat props for being great and here they are in order of appearance:
-- Sandy Patrick: my first year legal writing prof. Southern, sweet, funny and very, very helpful. She made me feel at home from the very beginning.
-- Janet Newman: A wonderful, willowly, semi-hippie with a mind like a steel trap. I had her for first semester Civil Procedure and I will never forget our first class where she mothered us into law school. She told us that we are not our grades, that we should take good care of our selves and not get too stressed out and she gave us tips for amping DOWN our crazy ambitions. I always knew I'd be ok as long as she was around.
-- Jack Bogdanski: who some of you may know from his wildly popular Jack Bog's Blog, I had him for income tax about midway through my school-life and he was AWESOME. I can't imagine anyone explaining the intricacies of the tax code better, and he made it so fun, it was my favorite class! I'm also thankful to Jack because he helped inspire and launch my bloggerness, albeit semi-indirectly.
-- Finally, there's Susan Mandiberg. I had her early on for Criminal Procedure, but it was the class I had with her in my last semester that really sealed the deal. It was a comparative criminal procedure seminar and she was just incredible. So knowledgable, so articulate, and better at facilitating class discussion than any professor I'd ever encountered. My last law-school crush and the prof I'd most like to be like when I grow up. Thanks to all of you, you were GREAT!

3.) WASPY!! Waspy, we're an unlikely pair, but if it wasn't for you, my law school experience would've sucked a lot. You were there for me when I was leaving CB, you were there for me when I thought I failed Consumer Law, and you were there for me in the aftermath of the bar, and countless times in between. Not to mention, w/o your old barbri books, I would never have been able to pass the thing at all. I mean, if anybody deserves credit for me passing the bar, it's you. I literally couldn't have done it without you. THANKS!!!

4.) The internet: if it wasn't for the following glorious distractions, I would've gone crazy: 1.) Homestar Runner -- funny cartoons, 2.) Overheard in New York -- funny conversations, 3.) -- funny bad tranlations, and last but not least, 4.) BLOGGER. Blogging during this last year was a really great way to keep my head through the hardest part. Thanks to everyone who's been reading and commenting during any part of this journey. I've really appreciated it.

5.) My work. I love my job, I've had it for 6 years, and if it wasn't for that place, I would never have made it. My schedule was always flexible, my bosses were always understanding, the work was never too demanding, and when I took 8 months off, I was able to come back just like I'd never been gone. Thank god for that place.

6.) Thanks SK for understanding my unavailability through huge chunks of this past year and not getting too freaked out about it. And thanks for making me food all those times and for offering herbs and what-not when I've been sick. You came in on the tail-end of this law school thing, and under the circumstances, you've put up with a lot. Now that it's over, maybe we can work on settling into something more steady. :-) As soon as you get back across the pond.


The end.


Blogger Melinda Barton said...

You forgot to thank the caffeine deities for keeping you awake during those long study sessions. Not to mention Reese Witherspoon for being your inspiration. Tear. Sniffle.

12:14 PM  
Blogger reasonably prudent poet said...

melinda -- caffeine gets NO props from me. me and caffeine are on the outs right now. although, coffee itself (now decaf...) should probably have been credited somewhere...

and, hate to admit it, but i kinda liked legally blonde. though, if i had to name a literary inspiration, i'd of course name atticus finch, the best lawyer any work of fiction ever saw.

12:27 PM  

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