Monday, April 23, 2007

the things i've been hearing on the radio

Because, even though I have SK's tv in my house now, I still get no reception. I get all my news from NPR and here's what I've heard today, in order of appearance:

1.) Boris Yeltsin is dead. When I heard it, my first thought was "Wonder why Putin would have Yeltsin assassinated?" Although, I guess it's possible for a prominant Russian to, you know, just die. Like, of natural causes...

2.) GeeDub is still standing behind his boy Alberto which, from my observation, seems like the biggest kiss-of-death since "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." Al may as well start packing his bags.

3.) On Talk of the Nation, they were debating different solutions to possible future school-shooter scenerios. Caller after caller suggested that professors and/or students should be encouraged to carry concealed weapons on campuses. You know, so they could "take down" the next school shooter before he had a chance to kill too many people. Okaaaaaay....

You know, it would be one thing if it was just one crazy guy calling to suggest that, but there were SEVERAL crazies with that idea. Throwing guns at a gun problem seems, to me, a uniquely American (and, by the way, idiotic and ridiculous) "solution." Why of *course* we'd all be much safer if we were all carrying concealed weapons! Or heck! Why bother concealing them?? Why don't we just strap our revolvers right on our belts, just like the Wild West?? You know how safe the wild west was! What could go wrong??

I happen to like guns, but I like reason even better.


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