Saturday, April 28, 2007


Last night, while watching Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy (I laughed out loud, but I still don't recommend it... unless you're stoned and it's free), I heard six gunshots right outside my house and the sound of a car speeding away. WTF??

I knew I wasn't crazy, b/c the next thing I heard was the quick scuffle of feet across the floor upstairs. A sound that said, "WTF??? I gotta get a closer look!" I immediately called my upstairs guy who said he was going to call 911. Good for him. He called me back a bit later and said he'd conferred with another neighbor who also confirmed they were definitely gunshots. Within minutes, the block was swarming with cop cars, or so I'm told since I can't see anything from my basement besides the arbor vitae in the yard, however, I doubt they found anything.

Wow, so this is how it's gonna be? I haven't had the gunshot experience since I lived over on Albina and Shaver and we had two crack houses across the street and a recently defunct methlab two doors down. Those were the good old days. We heard gunshots every now and then and even though I wasn't particular scared of the crack people (they didn't mess with us, and we didn't mess with them) I was more than a little concerned about stray bullets.

My upstairs guy said this was the closest he's ever heard them. I hope it was just a fluke... but either way, I'm glad I'm in the basement. I think I'm pretty safe down here.


Blogger zuhn said...

That warrants more than a "yikes". That's a "Holy Shit!" in my book.

9:57 AM  

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