Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the most disturbing search terms ever -- UPDATE

Ok, you guys, somebody just accessed my blog with *this* search: "b - beautiful i - intelligent t - talented c - charming h - heartwarming"

See what they did there? They took the word "bitch" and broke it down into its different letters, and gave each letter a word that is really positive to show that women who get called bitch are actually really awesome on the inside. Isn't that so clever??

NO IT IS NOT!!! I hate shit like that. People who enjoy that kind of "clever wordplay" are the same people who forward emails with a hundred moving gifs of puppies falling down and smiling, or with fifty heelarious jokes about how a cucumber makes a better partner than a man.


More to come on my new personal war on tacky... stay tuned.

UPDATE: My mind is a sieve. Apparently, I already addressed this issue HERE. At least this explains why a search for these terms brings people to my blog...


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