Friday, August 31, 2007

the last hurrah

Last night was my brother's last night in town and we had fun. :-) During the day we drove out to Multnomah Falls and went up to the Vista House to check out the cool view of the Columbia River Gorge. Those are the standard, touristy things you're expected to do when someone from out of town comes to visit, so we did them and they were good.

But last night we went up to Last Thursday on Alberta. Last Thursday is the Alberta Art's District answer to First Thursday in the Pearl. First Thursday is full of yuppies wandering through the swank galleries of the Pearl, drinking champagne and looking beautiful, but Last Thursday is like a carnival meets a flea market, full of grungy NoPohemians (to steal a friend's phrase) and it rocks!

I felt like I was dragging my brother through the absolute best of Portland: all the freaks and hippies and gutter punks, the good folk artists and the bad folk artists, the street musicians (there were so many musicians!), the crazies from the Clown House on the tall bikes, the performance artists. I think he liked it and I KNOW I did. So many cute girls! I think he might consider moving out here just for the cute girls alone. I mean... he's pretty desperate.

After Last Thursday, we went over to my friend Leo's because she was having a bbq party for a classmate of hers. He got to watch a group of overeducated thirty-somethings hash out the controversy about that Senator Craig guy who's being witch-hunted for trying to get laid in a public restroom. He got to hear them be both raunchy and politically savvy and compassionate at the same time -- a set of perspectives he never hears at home. If I gave him anything on this trip, it was exposure to people and ideas he's never met before. I hope it has a lasting impression.

Now I'm gonna go get ready for my camping trip (!!!) -- I won't be back until Monday night. Have a good weekend peoples and thanks for sticking with me through the whole brotherly visit. It's finally over, and I hate to say it, but I might actually miss him a little...

...but just a *little*...


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