Saturday, August 25, 2007

first full day

So far he's only been here one full day and I'm already weary and ready to escape. I guess I'm not good with guests. Or losing my freedom. Or males.

Anyway, here's what we did and here's how he enjoyed it all, in numbered bullets for your convenience:

1.) First we took a utilitarian trip to the grocery store because he refused to tell me ahead of time what he eats. That wasn't so bad.

2.) We took the bus downtown. His first ever trip on public transportation. I gave him a ticket and explained what to do w/ it and he seemed ok. He maintained a flat affect all the way downtown.

3.) We walked to Powell's Books, the biggest, most awesome bookstore ever imagined. I've been telling him about this bookstore for years, because he loves books. We walked in. I offered to show him around, but he demurred. We both wandered into the literature section and I lost him. An hour (and three book purchases later) he found me in the cafe, our predetermined meeting space) -- he said "this place just keeps going and going." I think I saw the slightest flicker of an affect as we left.

4.) We walked and walked and walked. He breathed hard a little. We ended up on the waterfront and he said "that's not a small river." Score! Finally a comment about his surroundings! I said "do you want to sit and read awhile, or keep walking?" He said "keep walking." Score! Finally an opinion about what we're doing!

5.) We walked to Sushi Takahashi, where I introduced him to the sushi-train, a cute little western style choo-choo train that circles the sushi bar carrying plates of sushi to choose from. He gave no indication of being impressed or even interested in this quirky little phenomenon. He didn't find much he wanted to eat. He had a hard time with the chopsticks, but he tried. Pros: he never once complained. Cons: he didn't seem to like it.

6.) We went to the old-skool video arcade Ground Kontrol. He'd never been to an arcade before. This I think he actually liked. He kept playing games even after I petered out and went to sit at a table and read. His affect was still flat, but there was definitely a little more glimmer in his eyes.

7.) We took the bus back home, had a little break, and then drove over to southeast where we walked up and down Hawthorne, just so he could see a different neighborhood. He said "This is different." And it was.

8.) We went back home and I suggested we walk down to County Cork to eat and watch music. I said "are you hungry?" He said, "No, I never really get hungry." What? Whatever. I dragged him down there anyway. He was adventurous, he ordered a Scotch Egg and it turned out to be really good. There was live, traditional Irish music happening, which I thought he'd appreciate since he's an Ireland-o-phile, but all he said was "this is a far cry from the last Irish music I heard..." At the end of the meal I said "Do you wanna stay and listen to the music a little longer, or head back." "Let's head back, I want to play on the computer." Lord.

So that's basically it. Now I have to go take a shower and start this whole process over again... Maybe he'll show signs of enjoying himself today... we'll see...


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