Tuesday, September 11, 2007

it's about time...

Guess what!!! I finally bought a kayak! I have been trolling craigslist every single day for the past two months looking for good, cheap boats -- I even went to see a couple boats that ended up sucking *and* being overpriced. But patience and perseverance paid off. I just found the most awesome boat on sale, 30% off, at a sporting goods store in town called Next Adventure. A Perception Carolina, 14.5 foot boat, yellow, with two storage hatches, deck bungees and rigging, and total and utter awesomeness. Here's a small pic. I couldn't find a bigger pic of the right color... and the color is important. Ok. Here it is:

If I could drag this boat into my house and put it in the bed with me, I would probably sleep curled up with it tonight. But I think SK might be kinda... well... put out.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

and yes, i am pleased not to sleep with her, but she is GORGEOUS and beautiful and lucky to have you as her paddler - as we are all lucky to have you as our paddler, when we get paddling....

congratulations RPP, worth the wait...

7:29 PM  
Blogger south carolina girl said...

poet, you could sleep in the middle with sk on one side and the boat on the other side and make sure that boat kept its hands to itself, lol.

8:52 AM  

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