Saturday, October 20, 2007

trouble at the derby

Tonight I went to ROLLER DERBY with some of my peeps from the lesbian breakfast club. Wow. I had never been to roller derby before and didn't even realize there was an actual *game* involved, with an objective and different positions and a scoring scheme. Who knew?

It was all pretty impressive, if not a little too chaotic to follow. There were lots of women, dressed in weird outfits, skating round and round and knocking each other down. Which was cool. And eventually I was able to pick out the ones who were able to score the points, and watch them for the most important action.

Of course the people-watching was top-notch. There were just slightly fewer lesbians than you might find at a Melissa Etheridge concert, which was awesome. SOOOOOOO many cute girls. Wow. Thank you Portland for being so full of cute girls. Including the skaters and some of the ladies in my party, which was nice. Ahhhhhhhhh girls.

However, there was minor ex drama. I ran into an ex I haven't seen in a very long time. Last time we interacted she basically told me to leave her alone, which I did. So it was strange and awkward to bump into her -- not once, but TWICE. The first time was quick and painless, but the second time was on the Max train heading home. She sat about ten feet away from me in the same car and we had a very uncomfortable conversation across the chasm between our seats. We asked each other pleasantry-type questions and then I just leaned my head back against the seat behind me and closed my eyes and waited for the ride to be over. I was never so happy to get off the Max.

As for roller derby, I'd give it a five out of ten stars. I just couldn't get excited. Maybe next time, now that I understand the game better and know the teams. Despite my lack of enthusiasm tonight, I *did* fantasize about participating. It looked pretty fun. And just so you know, my roller derby name would be Bull Dagga, and I'd wear a black utili-kilt and a wife-beater tank-top. I'd be pretty hot and I'd knock a lot of people down. It'd be awesome.


Blogger zuhn said...

Yeah...roller derbies now hold a very special place for me in my pants.

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