Saturday, December 01, 2007

hangover interrupted

I went out with Leo tonight. She called to see if I wanted to get together and she sounded down. I was still feeling hungover and had been in my pajamas all day, but I was excited to see Leo so I got up and put some pants on and headed over to the Bye and Bye on Alberta. She bought me a gingerale with bitters (good for the hangover) and we sat at the same table Gully and I sat at on our date on the 16th.

I told her all about my date with Mahavira (Leo had a fling with Mahavira years ago, when I first moved to town, and it was through Leo that Mahavira first showed up on my radar) and she told me all about how she and her g/f Ember were finally calling it quits. I'm so hung up on Mahavira, I didn't even get excited about the prospect of Ember being back on the market! Isn't that incredible?

And then, in the midst of our conversation, I got a text from Mahavira: I don't think I can wait until next Friday to see you. Only she didn't say "see you" she said something slightly more explicit that I will not write here in order to spare your delicate sensibilities. After a flurry of texts, it's settled. I'm meeting her after work tomorrow at 11pm. I'm crazy. I know. I can't help it. This time I won't get so fucked up. This time I'll keep my head and my health and I'll enjoy every minute.

Can't. Wait.


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