Tuesday, December 04, 2007

you just never know

I went to see Mahavira Sunday night. I showed up at Mississippi Pizza at 10:30, got myself a Pabst and went over to sit in the window and read my book until she showed up. I'm still reading "Lady Chatterly's Lover" -- I'll probably finish it today -- what a fantastic, sexy book! What a good time for me to be reading it!

A faint stirring out the window caught my eye and I looked out and saw a dog, the dog, the dog Mahavira rescued and is taking care of temporarily until she finds it a home. For a lingering moment I stared at the dog and thought Mahavira must be nearby -- I was startled when I finally raised my eyes and saw her face, glowing white in the darkness around her, right there not two feet away from me, staring at me through the glass.

Mahavira is so gorgeous that it's actually a little shocking to look at her sometimes. She has full, curly black hair and piercing, pale green eyes in an otherwise completely perfect face, but its her ease and confidence that makes her most attractive. I looked up and she was staring at me through the window with a tiny smile and a little jolt went through me. That was at 11:09pm.

At 1:30pm the next day I managed to leave her house. I was not hungover this time, but I was weak. I'd slept, fortunately, and had good dreams in and amongst everything else. And eventually I had the best black tea. Mahavira grew up on a commune, her family followed an Indian guru and her dad now owns property in India. She's been to India many times and heavilly identifies with Indian culture which you can partly see in her double nose piercing and also her attachment to really good tea.

Gully is disappearing into the ethers. On further reflection, and after some really weird conversations, I've started to realize that she's a very Leonine Leo and this whole little thing we were doing was always all about her. I began to suspect something like this when she was texting me that first weekend -- all those texts and after awhile I realized how completely narcissistic they were. They had nothing to do with me, they were all about her reveling in her own experience. Which is fine for her, I'm just not interested in being involved. And I think Mahavira will be keeping me busy for awhile anyway.


Blogger Trinity2 said...

I think Mahavira sounds really cool and inspiring. Gully sounded like trouble.

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