Saturday, February 09, 2008


I'm sitting in Mahavira's "living room" -- although Mahavira's house is almost as small as mine and the "living room" also contains the bed, which makes it more literally a "living room" as in "the room I mostly live in" -- anyway, what was I saying...?

Oh, right, I'm sitting in Mahavira's "living room" tapping into a very tenuous wi-fi signal that could disappear at any moment, which makes blogging a sort of tenuous enterprise altogether. And speaking of tenuous, the weather here today was UNBELIEVABLY awesome. (Tenuous because it won't last, duh.)

I had no idea how nice it was outside since Mahavira and I (as per usual) laid in bed drinking tea and chatting until 2pm. Naturally, as we prepared to leave the house, I got myself all bundled up for winter -- and lo and behold it was SPRING when we got outside. We had a long list of errands to run and the goal of (Mahavira) studying for FOUR hours today, which made it really, really difficult to walk past the Amnesia Brewing Company right down the street, where people were lounging around picnic tables on the patio, drinking really good beer and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, without stopping in ourselves. Mahavira actually whined.

But we persevered and now it's 6:30 and we've picked up the truck, gone shopping at Fred Meyer and taken Ginger for a walk, yet Mahavira has barely studied 30 minutes, and her stated goal has been whittled and whittled and whittled some more. Now her goal is to study two hours tonight and two hours tomorrow before she goes to work. We'll see. Meanwhile, I'm just entertaining myself with my computer, which is pretty normal for me anyway...


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