Monday, December 15, 2008


It snowed! Whenever the weather people call for snow here I never believe it will actually snow because I love it so much. Like I'll jynx it. But I didn't jynx it and it snowed most of the day yesterday. We got up, drank our tea and watched it out the windows awhile. Then Mera exhibited uncharacteristic enthusiasm about walking the dog, so we bundled up and took the little beast all the way over to Laurelhurst Park, which was even more gorgeous than usual. I took pictures, but we're having some technical difficulties for some reason with uploading them, so...

And we got a Christmas Tree! We drove up Division on Saturday because Mera saw a sign that said "Trees $15 and up." We found a really sweet, sort of short (5 feet?) kind of tree I wish I could remember the name because it is really precious. the kind where the branches all grow around the trunk in neat rings and it kind of smells like oranges. He told me the name but I forgot.

We are relatively poor right now, so we went and got most of our decorations at the Dollar Tree, including the best decoration I've ever seen: a pair of flat, round, pearly colored hanging dealies with a moose painted on each! A moose! Then we went to Fred Meyer's for everything we couldn't find at the Dollar Tree, inlcuding but not limited to: a tree stand, lights that won't burn the house down and a string of silver garland.

It looks awesome.

Now I'm sitting here at 8:48am Monday morning, wondering how I should get to work today. I called Trimet and they claim the 14 won't run down Hawthorne again for another hour. Should I try to drive...? I don't think so. I guess I'll just sit here and think about it some more.


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