Wednesday, May 03, 2006

you mean the american lifestyle isn't healthy?

Has everyone heard about this study which indicates that, across the board, white, middle-class Americans are less healthy than white, middle-class Brits? Despite the fact that the US spends, like, double the money on healthcare. Interesting. Epidemiologists have varying theories to explain the discrepency (we're fatter, we're more stressed out, we get less exercise) -- but at least they know it's not race or socioeconomic status (b/c they didn't study poor people or people of color --they just looked at middle-class whites).

I have to say, when I first heard about this I could not stop a giant "DUH!" from coming out of my mouth, but now I can't quite pin-down why this is so "duh"worthy. There's just something very toxic in the American ethos. I guess I'll have to spend some time in the UK to make a proper comparison. Or maybe I'll just ask SK. She'll know. She, by the way, comes home tomorrow. :-) And I'm fucking thrilled. :-D


Anonymous tuftster said...

*stress levels - attitudes to work are relentless over there in the USA
*attitudes to individualism wear you out faster
*free healthcare for everyone makes something calmer in the UK
*no longer being the identified colonisers of the world eases things
*using the letter 'u' more and the letter 'z' less surely has something to do with it
*perhaps a more introverted style helps the body some?
just some ideas

7:57 PM  

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