Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i take it all back, dickie

Thanks to the chicks over at The Dyke Squad for making me hip to this quote, lifted from the Chicago Tribune, from my new favorite shot-gun wielding vice prez concerning homo marriage, a current hot topic among the fascist bastards on the HIll who are currently trying to shove an anti-gay marriage amendment into the constitution:

'Vice President Dick Cheney, in 2004, said, "People ought to be free to choose any arrangement they want. Traditionally that's been an issue for the states. . . . That would be my preference."'

Thanks Dick. Considering your daughter Mary is a big ol' dyke, you could've been a little more explicitly supportive, but Jesus, at this point in the Republican rhetoric, your statement sounds like a ringing endorsement of the homo agenda to me. I could just kiss you on your fat little jowl... if you'd just lay that .12 gauge down first, please...


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